Executing a Job using Orchestrator without having an active RDP session

Hi There,

I need urgent help in setting up the orchestrator in a manner where the orchestrator can execute a Job without having an active connection to the RDP session.

I have no problem in running my project whilst I’m connected and in the RDP session. But as soon as I try to schedule a job for a time when I’m not connected to the machine the orchestrator says the host identity is pending allocation.

(as per in the attached image)-> image|690x156

Thanks guys any help will be greatly appreciated.


Which BOT license are you using here - Attended or Unattended ?

Unattended, I’ve actually managed to solve my initial problem, but the problem I have now is the project involves opening chrome browser and uploading files into a system, I can run the robot whilst i’m not connected to the RDP session, but it fails as the it seems that the first url link is not loading at all, so the robot cant find the correct selectors and breaks.

I think it might be a connection problem?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I guess here problem is with that application itself.

Is it working fine if you are connected to that machine through RDP ?

Yes it is working 100% fine when logged in. Once I finally log into the RDP session after I get the error msg the page loads fully. I’ve tried with other browsers as well.

I`ve Been running the process for past two weeks manually without a problem. I’ve seen now on other threads that this is a known issue. It kind of beats the purpose of having a orchestrator then. And I cant believe Uipath has not worked on a solution, as the first threads has started like 3 years ago.

HI @kobusdp,

have you configured the resolution for the rdp session via the robot connects? See the following link: Robot Settings
You have to activate the toggle of the property ‘Login to console’ and set the radio button to ‘False’. Further you need to enter the correct resolution.

hope this helps.

Hi @kobusdp,

so it’s still not working? What happens if you manually start the process in Orchestrator under ‘Automations → Processes’?

I think you haven’t setup the robot correctly. See following: Connecting Robots to Orchestrator

The robot should appear under ‘Robots’ in your folder in Orchestrator. As I see you only added a robot as user.

HI @kobusdp,

looks like your robot has no license. But I have no further advice because your version of orchestrator looks different to mine.