Execute to invoke VBA from Orchestrator

Hello everyone, something quite unusual is happening to me with the Invoke VBA activities, when I run my assistant locally, the activities work correctly, performing their functions in the corresponding excel file, but at the time of having the process in the orchestrator, It seems that these macros are not executed, and I say that it seems that it does not throw me any error but I also do not see that the VBA code is executed
What could be happening?

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia ,

we are also facing lot of issues with VBA/macro code which is working while executing from the assistant and those are not working properly if we run unattended.

some of the code we are able to achieve by using activate sheet for the excel manipulations. please try using activate sheet methods to make sure that sheet is active in unattended mode.

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Thank you very much for answering, but I don’t know if I understood you correctly, it would be to activate the workbook in the macro code

Yeah i could see you are having activate workbook in the code and also same way use activate sheet (the worksheet which you are performing activities) in the code. i am just sharing my thoughts since we have also faced the same issue. and also i have seen lot of forum posts related to that still i don’t see any solution.

Currently we are facing the same issue in one of our macro used to automate smartview activities.

Thank you very much, I will try and if it works I will be informing you

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Sure. thanks