Execute tab dissappear and replace by "Debug" tab

Hi all,

My “Execute” Tab disappeared from the ribbon and replaced by “Debug” tab. The “Run” button is not available to select as well.

Any idea about this?


Welcome to the uipath community.

May I know what version of Uipath Studio are you using? And help me with screenshots of your Uipath Studio.

And also try to Uninstall uipath Studio and then install it again.

Hi @lakshman,

I am using version 2019.8.0, below is the screenshot


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There you have the drop down as start file which will have the three options @tra_my_Tran

Have you checked that?


Yes i did, i meant i still can run but just dont know why the Execute tab disappeared?


UIPath version 2019.8.0 was released yesterday only. Till now I did not check and it seems like Execute Tab was replaced by Debug Tab.

But we have to all options right and May I Know what option are you looking for ?


I think my application auto updated the latest version, cause very sure I downloaded months ago. If that s the case then should be no issue already, I thought I wrongly press somewhere and tab disappear :sweat:.
Many thanks for your support @lakshman and @HareeshMR :smile:

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Yes, whenever you close the UiPath application and restarted it again, it will update automatically @tra_my_Tran

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I guess you selected Beta option in Help Section. If yes whenever new release come then it will auto update it.

If you don’t want to auto update then select Stable option there.

Thanks @lakshman,

I think I will choose to receive auto update :grin:

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