Execute SQL with 2 Arguments?

We are currently using UiPath Studio to run Ms.Access queries/execute SQL.

We have few SQLs which are about importing a selected period of source data (Table1) to output table (Table2)

Here is the SQL:
“Insert Into Table2 (…)
Select Table1[Field1], Table1[Month]
From Table1
Having (((Table1.Month) >= vT) and ((Table1.Month) <= vTest));”

vT and vTest will be the value passed through input dialogue prompted for user, i.e. 3 (indicated month 3)

However, we realized that the SQL is not executed with vT in the SQL.
The SQL only work when there there is only vTest.

Anyone know how to deal with 2 arguments in the SQL?


what;s the error you are getting?

@Exxxx_Cxxxx ,

First execute the SQL query into SQL studio and see if you are passing two arguments then its working, if this is not working into SQL then need to fix SQL first.