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I want to execute a sequence but a condition must be given. In the browser, I perform 2 clicks until I arrive at an overview page. Sometimes there is a button here, sometimes not. How can I teach the bot that if the button is there, the following steps should be executed and if the button is not there, to skip flying steps.

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Use Element Exists activity and indicate that button and it will give output as Boolean value. If it is exists then it will give output as True and then you perform next steps. If it is not exists then it will give output as False and then you can skip it.

You can try using get attribute property to check it is visible or not.

I tried like that. I dont know what to write in Attribute and Save as? Can you help me with that

Can you please share selector for when it is visible and when it is invisible

This is selector when it is visible correct?

When it is invisible, is it same ?


please share a whole selector from UiExplorer. It’ll give us more info. :slight_smile:

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No, then the tile says something else. For example, current information or partly another button. Depending on

you can try by using get attribute “aaname” and give condition
if “aaname = * Belege bereitestelien” then follow steps otherwise skip.

Replace visibility by aaname

Thanks @lakshman I solved it witz Element exists :smile:

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Do they know how the bot can work faster. To go with the Else path the bot needs about 30 sec.


By Default it will wait for 30 sec to check whether that element exists or not. You can reduce the time if BOT doesn’t want to wait for that much time.



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