Execute query Result?

My scenario is:
i have excel file with list of values in a columnA i need to check those values database
how to check if the data is already present in database


There are an number of ways in which you can accomplish this. I have listed down a few below -

  1. Read the table from the database and store it in a datatable using the execute query activity, say, Database_tbl. Also read the excel and save it in another datatable, say, Excel_tbl. You can then write a LINQ query and use the outer join operation to check if the number of rows match.

  2. The second way is to use the for each row loop on the Excel_tbl and use the below code in it -
    bool contains = Database_tbl.AsEnumerable().Any(row => VarColumnValue == row.Field(“ColumnA”));

  3. Another way is to use Database_tbl.select(“ColumnA = ‘VarColumnValue’”) and check if it returns any rows

Hope this helps


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Do u have any example for this

overload resolution failed because no accessible ‘Select’ can be called with these arguments uipath
Am getting the above error on writing the below query
dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

Can anyone help me with this?

The information is insufficient.

In which activity are you Are using this query?

Is dt_WIs a datatable type?

Can you share the screenshot?