Execute Query: Incorrect syntax near ','

I am getting following error - Execute Query: Incorrect syntax near ‘,’.

But uipath doesnt show any error message. I have included my query below:

Assigning below query to assign activity and from there am passing inside excute query activity.

“INSERT Into Test.dbo.RPA Output ([Advertiser name], [Campaign name], [Placement ID], [Public ID], [Product code], [Product name], [Supplier name], [Invoice month], [Invoice status], [Invoice number], [Order ID], [Invoice amount], [Planned amount], [Approved amount], [Date cleared to A/P], [reconcile_action], [Status], [Error Description]) VALUES (’”+row2(“Advertiser name”).tostring.trim+"’, ‘"+row2(“Campaign name”).tostring.trim+"’, ‘"+row2(“Placement ID”).tostring.trim+"’, ‘"+row2(“Public ID”).tostring.trim+"’, ‘"+row2(“Product code”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Product name”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Supplier name”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Invoice month”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Invoice status”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Invoice number”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Order ID”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Invoice amount”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Planned amount”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Approved amount”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“Date cleared to A/P”).tostring.trim+"’,’"+row2(“reconcile_action”).tostring.trim+"’,‘Non-Actualized’,‘Non-Actualized’);"

Thank you for the response… My bad I mentioned the wrong datatable name

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