Execute Query in Database Automation

Issue : Connected to Microsoft SQL Server, trying to perform Execute Query activity and SQL Query is
“select * from [dbo].[1_VD_Abroad_Education_Consultant] where numberOfReviews >100”
Basically, I want save Excel file with numberofReviews greater than 100 taken from table of Database.
After Running Execute Query,It’s gives funny result as it shows around 100 records more than 100 from the begining and remaining less than 100 and more than 100 combined. Please any help appreciated.
Uipath Workflow:
AbroadServices.xaml (8.3 KB)

Excel Sheet : After Running Query:
AbroadServices_ExecuteQuery.xls (152 KB)

@Sudhir_P What is the Datatype of NumberOfReviews Column in Database? Have you also Checked if the Query returns the Same Table when you use it manually in SQL ?

Hi, Datatype is Float, It returns correct table while i run manually in SQL Database.

@Sudhir_P Can you Change the query to = instead of > and Check if you can retrieve it?
It Should have Worked :sweat_smile:

Also, make sure to use a Disconnect Activity After you have done all operations related to Sql

Thank you for your reply, in the Write Range Actitvity(System>File>Workbook) will save the Excel file only in the Current Project.
To Save Excel File at different Location:
Excel Application Scope and then Write Range Activity(Application Integration >Excel) and it worked.

Thanks for your help.

@Sudhir_P Actually I don’t think that was the Case :sweat_smile:, You can Also Specify the Location of the File Where you want to Save the Updated Table using WorkBook Read Range Activity as well.