Execute Query activity within a If activity

Is it not possible to use the Execute Query activity within an If activity? When I try to execute a simple SELECT statement against my SQL Server database, I receive the following error:



As a workaround, I could do a For Each activity but I am unsure of how to exit out of the activity when I have found my data (and no further need to continue scanning).

Looking forward to your suggestions.


It seems like you passed new configuration and also existing configuration details to connect to the Database for this activity because of that you are getting this error.

Can you please share screenshot of the Execute Query activity.

Hello @eric.brenner,

I think you have not disconnected the previous database connection.


I believe that Execute Query activity was somehow corrupted or not working properly. When I deleted and recreated it using the exact same connection and SELECT statement, it works properly.

Sorry to bother you.

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