Execute Query activity error

I have a database connect activity that stores the connection into a DatabaseConnection variable.

The variable is then passed to be used in the Execute Query activity.
I keep getting this error when trying to execute my query using the Execute Query activity.

my query is “SELECT * FROM OWNER.tablename”. there are no parameters and commandtype is text.

the query works in sql developer.

any idea what is wrong?

hi @tzj

Is Connect Activity used before execute query activity

If Not please make a connection and then use Execute Query

Check this package name UiPath.Database.Activities exists in Manage Package Pane

Ashwin S

yes to both. I have done a db connection and query to a sql server before. but this is an oracle server so the connection string is a little different.

I keep getting the mentioned error when trying to query. There is no error in the connect database activity.

HI @tzj

Check this post How to connect to ORACLE Database

Ashwin S

tried with different drivers exhaustively and found 1 that work…