Execute Querry with file import


Suggestion - ability to import .SQL or .txt files in Execute Query activity.

Let me explain…

In my company if RPA Developer make queries which involves big data tables it is necessary that these queries would be reviewed by Database engineers. Also, if some error occurred with getting an incorrect data, other department should be capable of checking what queries robot have executed.

All of this requires RPA developer to Copy paste queries and store them inside Robot internal files to be easily accessed by other people and this is of course increases the time needed to check if these queries are up to date.

My idea is that Execute Query/ Execute Non-Query should have an option to import file as a Query. That way we can have Query stored not inside the studio, but in some folder as a text. This also helps debugging as You do not need to copy text from inside UiPath Studio, debug in SQL Management Studio and then paste it again in UiPath Studio.

This can be partially done by creating workflow where You pass the file location and read the text, then replacing this arguments with imported arguments but if Your arguments contains symbols like – ’ " etc. and it is coded in the text and not passed as Parameters You will get an SQL error.

Also, if I want to create generic activity for all queries myself, I have set how many in_Arguments this activity should have and this is not possible if I want to create the same workflow for all queries I execute.


Actually we already have this feature and it works same way. you can read query from shared drive using read text file activity and then pass it to execute query.


Indeed that would work, but that adds 1 additional activity ( Read Text ) to the workflow and 1 one time used variable ( string_Query ). If I pursue the clarity of the workflow it is needed to put these 2 activities ( Read Text, Execute Query ) in a sequence to declare minimum available scope for string_Query variable.

Ability to simply import .txt or .SQL file directly to Execute activity would add simplicity and clarity to the workflow.

Hi all, first time posting here since signing up…
Good question eQueX I followed the suggestions by Gulab, thanks Gulab. it works but it appears that there is a 128 character query length limit…

Is there a work-around for that?..

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.