Execute processes for other users

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I would like to build processes for my colleagues but the problem is that I need their user data. If I create a process on my PC and let my colleague execute on his/her PC it will be different since he/she has different directories where the files are on in certain tools like SAP. They have different data than me. So the problem is that I can’t build a process by myself which my colleagues can run on their PCs since they have different data. Is there any solution to solve this problem?

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You could prompt the user for a root directory to work in. Or if the concern is that the username is different, making the user directory have a different path, you can get the username with Environment.Username.

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The idea of the same directory is good, but in programs like SAP it will be difficult. When I open an activity I have different data than my colleague. That is my concern.

When you say there’s different data, is this a program fault, or just something that varies from user to user? If it’s a fault, the solution is going to be in resolving the problem on the machine, but if it’s something that varies, you’ll have to code for special cases. Depending on your exact needs, this will either be simple or require a lot of coding.

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