Execute Non Query Oracle ODBC Timeout

When trying to update a table using an Execute Non Query (ENQ) activity over an ODBC connection to an Oracle database I’m getting “ERROR [HYT00] [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation”

I know my connection to the db is fine because I can put the ENQ activity and an Execute Query (EQ) activity into the same Start Transaction activity and the EQ runs without error, returning selected rows accurately, and the ENQ times out every time.This text will be hidden

Currently for the ENQ I’m using an Assign activity to format the SQL statement with a couple of variables:

Since the variables include URLs I was concerned they were not getting wrapped in quotes correctly, but using a message box I can see the string gets formatted exactly as I need it, and can be successfully run directly against the db (outside UiPath) in about one second since it’s only updating one record.

I’ve tried increasing the timeout to 60 seconds, and creating a StoredProcedure on the db is not a viable solution for this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Caught and corrected a missing semicolon on the end, but still having the same timeout issue.

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Did that timeout issue solved??