Execute multiple orders with Excel in SAP

I was helped very well with my first question. This support for UiPath and this community is very cool.

I have a new problem that I am currently trying to solve.
I have now created an Excel with several different orders that I have in an Excel file.
I now want to enter these in SAP one after the other.
I have solved the process so far that I get to the field in SAP where I have to enter the orders.
Create sales order.
Now I have seen that this could be solved with a table cell scope, among other things. Unfortunately, the problem is that I can only access it via the SAP Web GUI. Therefore I get an error message that I have to use the function Table Cell Scope. What alternatives could I use here? I would be grateful for any ideas or tips.

Hi @Matthias_Kuntz

Generally, we use default SAP activities for SAP Application to execute the process. You can check with Extract Datatable Activity if it works.

Can you explain in more detail how I could use this with the activity?

The problem so far has been that it actually recognises all the fields where it can enter something. Except for the SAP order where it goes to the order area, where it inserts the Excel data incorrectly.

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