Execute Macro - Performance Issues


I’m developing a process which requires me to run multiple macros from a .xlsm file. I began developing it with the Execute macro activity. When testing everything it took a huge amount of time to process the “macro part”.

When manually running those macros it takes aproximately 15min to do everything while it can take up to 1 hour when running the process. Has anyone else encountered these performance issues?

Hi there @mikehas

Can you share more details on what you are doing with the macros and whether these is large data output/return values coming in? And the macro is processing what magnitude of data may I ask (just a ballpark figure please… :slight_smile: )

Also have you tried Invoke VBA avenue?

Hi, thanks for the answer!

The macros are doing various operations (data format, delete/add info, etc…)

But i’ve been trying your advice in trying with Inkove VBA activity. I’ve been somewhat successful. Some of my functions use special characters (á,é,à,etc…) and when i run those functions it gives an error. When i go into the VBScript in my file it shows as below:


Any idea how to solve this??

Thanks in advance!!

Hey @mikehas did you find some way to reduce the time ‘Execute macro’ needs to run ? I’m facing the same problem here, executing on Excel the Macro spends 2 minutes and trough robot it increases to more than 10min

I am also curious on this. My 15 minute manual run for my macro takes 10-15 minutes. However when I run through UiPath, it takes an hour or so. I would love to know why or how to reduce the run time.
Thank you,