Execute Macro activity returns -2146826273


I have been executing excel macros from UiPath for some time, but now I would like to receive back a confirmation if it ran correctly (function in VBA returns a Boolean)… when I try printing the result (with result.ToString) i get -2146826273

This happens no matter if I try to return a Boolean, a string or a number , it always shows -2146826273

macro_return_tester.xaml (8.6 KB)

Hi there @AlexJank

Seems straightforward to me as a workflow, But maybe I need t look at the macro that you are running for more triage/to dissect the issue.

Are all macros enabled in trust center? Were there any security updates to your org. apps and any more COM or Excel add-ins are interfering with the Macro run on that File?

Lets solve this, if it is not confidential please share the Macro and I will also run it in my system :slight_smile:

Hi @Raghavendraprasad thanks for confirming me the workflow looked good by itself. I tried again and it worked suddenly! Not sure what was wrong, but it got solved :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!

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