Execute click activity for exact match of a string

Data is read from a spreadsheet and is used to select the corresponding dropdown on a webpage.

Currently I am using Click OCR to click on the desired value. However it doesn’t execute because there are multiple occurrences. Changing the occurrence number won’t help because the occurrence changes based on the skill input.

Is there a way to click on the dropdown only if there is an exact match of the input text?


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Hi @Aishwarya_Maggi

Using UiExplorer see the visual tree and pass the input variable to the selector. But the variable text and the dropdown text should match exactly beacause they are case sensitive.

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Where do I type the variable name in this selector?

Check the selector for any skill and find whether is there any difference for all the skills, except ‘aaname’.
Replace aaname with your variable.

try to get selector for the drop down,
after you typed the list item from excel if selector found(drop down) the you can continue the process else you can break it.