Executable Files for End Users


What is the use case

Current process follow for the UI path automation to design the flow in studio and run on the robot and deploy and managed by the UI Path Orchestrator. There are some automation which requires as per the user need to run at anytime of interval and with manual intervention as well. For running robots developer need to assign robots and manage as well. End User has to be depend on the developer side to manage those automations.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

What if we are able to create executable file with the help of the UI path and share with the end user and that can be run at user end as user wish to run at any time. This will create the liberty and freedom to run and also saving the robot and orchestrator work.

Scope: ______________

  • Automation Framework


Apologies if I’m completely off base, I’ve never had to use this functionality before, but aren’t you describing an attended robot? I believe these processes are triggered by the user’s input and work alongside the user.


yes i am talking about attended robot but that robot is setup through UIPath robot owner. We can not share the .xaml file generated after studio design and share with the user through ZIP email or other communication sources, only way to provide is through roboots…isn’t it?


idea is better and can be helpful in end user game really would like to see if something comes around


could be user friendly and ease of code execute without hassle. @bitu