Exclue folder from publish package

I want to exclude Screen folder before publishing package.

Have your tried to move the .screen folder to some other destination and then try publish your package.



May I know why you want to exclude screen folder?

Hi @srupesh1906 I agree to @lakshman, if we do know more about the intention, motivation maybe a better solution can be worked out.

Moving the screenshot folder out of the project could be a solution, due it is no longer picked up in the compilation process. However once a screenshot is done (IMP, Fixing …) a folder is recreated again inside the project. Personaly I do feel that the screenshots are a good feature.

Have a look on:

Once you have created the package than you can edit the package with this tool and delete the screenshot folder. Maybe some commandline arguments can simplify the process, just check the docu.

In case you feel that too much unused screenshots are in your project:

Remove Unused Screenshots remove_screenshots