Exclude files or subfolders from beeing published

I think it would be a good idea if it would be possible to exclude files or subfolders from beein published. I ask for this feature because while developing I have folders containing files which are only needed while developing. I do not want to delete them before publishing as they would probably be needed if I have to do bugfixing or implement additional requirements.

Kind regards

Hi @martinN,
Thank you for your suggestion.

This is a very well thought out feature. Thanks for the suggestion

Hi @Pablito, Could you prioritize this issue as the .git folder when used could go up in megabytes and hinder the deployment process.


Does anyone know if this has been implemented?

My git folder is preventing me from Pushing to Orchestrator and its annoying

Hello All,

A work around I found was to go into the properties of the git folder, and set it as hidden and then push to orchestrator. This seems to exclude the git folder and its subfolders from the package.


Yes, I think it is implemented partially. You can right click on a file and select “Ignore from publish”. I don’t know why that is not also possible for folders. But in my opinion that will already help a lot.

Hi @martinN,

Yes, the same way as it is available for test cases and xaml files with the option “Ignore from Publish”.

Thanks for bringing this up.