📣 Exciting News: Introducing New Improvements to our UiPath Community Forum Platform! 🚀

Dear UiPath Community,

We’re thrilled to announce some juicy enhancements and AI features to our UiPath Community Forum that’ll elevate your experience to new heights! :star2:

  • :mag: Enhanced Navigation: we have revamped the search bar. Whether you’re seeking existing solutions or exploring discussions, our improved search feature has got you covered. And that’s not all, we’ve added semantic search capability that helps you improve your searching experience.

  • :memo:Similar topics : unveil the Discourse AI today with the automatically suggest related topics. Starting this month, you can uncover 5 suggestions of topics to read next effortlessly to keep your curiosity thriving.

  • :smile: Emoji Integration: expressing yourself has never been more fun! We’re excited to bring a touch of personality to our UiPath Community Forum with the addition of some new emojies. Use these expressive symbols today, to convey your thoughts, reactions, and emotions in a whole new way.

:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: Join us in embracing these enhancements of our evolving UiPath Community Forum. Together, we’re creating a space where collaboration, exploration, and connection thrive.

:love_letter: :heart_eyes: And while we’re on the topic of improvements, we’re eager to hear your thoughts on these enhancements! Your voice matters.

Thank you for being an essential part of the UiPath Community!


The UiPath emoji :uipath: is awesome


Thank you for the feedback @mukeshkala

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Cool features @loredana_ifrim


Sounds awesome! @loredana_ifrim :uipath: :star_struck:


:uipath: Awesome. I like all the smiley’s. Good effort to enhance the conversations

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Awesome @loredana_ifrim
I like UiPath emoji :uipath:
search bar and similar topic help me find solution faster to help your self and other developer
Thanks !

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