Exciting Announcement: Introducing Snowflake's Latest Feature - RSA Key Authentication

Exciting Announcement! :rocket:

We’ve introduced RSA Certificate Authentication for the Integration Service Snowflake connector.
RSA certificate authentication offers enhanced security by using public-key cryptography. It eliminates the need for passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and providing a robust and scalable authentication solution.

Learn how to generate your RSA Key Pair at: Key-pair authentication and key-pair rotation | Snowflake Documentation.

Once you’ve established the credentials, set up a new Snowflake connection.
Click the gear icon, choose the RSA certificate type, input credentials, and you’re ready to proceed!

Happy automating! :star2:


I’ve just tried connecting to Snowflake using the RSA key and I got the following error message: 4077529920529368596 : Unauthorized: Invalid credentials. Make sure to specify private key password. If you are using encrypted RSA private key, then make sure that the user authenticating has already been configured with the RSA public key associated with the RSA private key provided.
While I have a valid connection using Username and Password, when changing the authentication type to RSA Certificate doesn’t work for me unfortunately.
I can confirm that the public key is successfully assigned to the user by running the DESCRIBE USER command in Snowflake.
Could you please help? Would you need more information from my side?
Thank you!

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Hi @Marius_Istudor , Appreciate you posting this feedback regarding Snowflake RSA. We’ll definitely take a look at your request and get back.

@Samrat_Dutta, Hi, thank you for your reply. I have also opened a ticket with Snowflake support. Could you please confirm what it is the exact value I would need to fill in for the RSA private key? Is it the passphrase, is it the actual private key from the PEM file? Thanks!
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