Exchange Shared Mailbox Activities - Moving multiple Emails


I’m using ExchangeSharedMailboxActivities(1.0) for a process that at its conclusion, would move emails from one specified folder to another. This is for a shared Mailbox with office365. My problem is that I can only get this process to work if there is only one email in the original folder. If there is more than one, I get this error message:

Move mail: The specified object was not found in the store., The process failed to get the correct properties.

I have the Move Mail process in a For Each loop - where it should be moving each mail in “SharedMBMess” - my variable for the output of the Read Mails function in the shared mailbox. In the criteria for Move Mail, I had to set the Mail condition to SharedMBMess(0) in order to get the process to move any mail. It would not let me just use SharedMBMess because that variable is a collection of items.

Any help in getting this to move more than one email would be greatly appreciated.


Any solution to this issue??

@vpanepinto @Mahesh_bohara did you guys find any solution?