Exchange Mail Automation

I am trying to use Exchange Mail activities for fetching mail and moving them to another folder.
But I am getting Unauthorized Remote Exception error.
Can anyone tell me how to configure the properties in get exchange mail activity?
What the AutoDiscover, exchange version and server field values should be?
I am assuming that I am not setting the properties value correctly but not sure where exactly.
For Authentication Type I am using UsernameAndPassword of the email account.


properties for get exchange mail messages

have a view on this thread for better understanding


Hi @Sunny_J ,

Some organization they would maintain generic Exchange email server so we can use directly. but some organization they would give access to specific user. in your case please check that to proceed on this.

there are some important properties we have to fill for the exchange server activities.

Server → should be your exchange server name mostly form of URL.
Domain → should be your Active directory domain mostly “ad”.
Authentication Type-> you mentioned correctly it should be username and password.
User->should be your email id (whatever the id you are using to send email)
Password-> password of that email id you are using.

all the other properties are very generic ones like subject from, cc, to ect.


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