Exchange Activity: Get Error Message: The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented

we have a very crazy issue on the Exchange Activity. We are using Exchange Server 2016 and we’d like to send mails to external receivers. This is working if we don’t use attachments, but if we are using attachments then we get the error message 501 Not implemented. The colleagues from Exchange team said that all is correctly configured and if they send mails with attachments direct from the Exchange Server it is working properly. But it doesn’t work with UiPath. I’m dispairing about the topic.

Thanks for help, Volker


Welcome Back!

This error message usually occurs when the email server does not support the attachment format that you are trying to send. To resolve this issue, try using a different format for your attachment, such as .pdf or .docx, and make sure that the format is supported by the email server. Additionally, you can also check the email server’s documentation for a list of supported attachment formats.

thanks for fast response. But the colleagues from Exchange team are able to send exact the same attachments I’d like to send with UiPath direct from the server and it is working.
Regards, Volker