Exchange activites: Office 365 parameters (looking for technical information/examples)

We are trying to use e-mail with robots in our organization. The current robots use Outlook, but this is not very stable, especially with large volumes. We sometimes have sync issues with processes that only need to read a single e-mail.

I know from experience that the Exchange activities are much more robust, especially with large volumes. I don’t have any experience with the Office 365 activities.

Our organization uses Office 365, and I’ve noticed that the Exchange activities have Office 365-related parameters:

However, I cannot find any information on what exactly this means. I have three main questions:

  1. When using the Exchange activities with Office 365 parameters, is the Microsoft GRAPH API used? If not, what else is going on behind the scenes?

  2. What is the difference between using Exchange with 365 parameters vs. an Office 365 scope?

  3. Does anyone have an example .xaml of the correct usage of the Exchange activity with Office 365 parameters? The UiPath documentation on this topic is very limited.

Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

PS: AutoDiscover is disabled in our organization.

Hi we can use Exchange from the Mail package setting Server, user & Password

For more details on Office365 also have a look here:

Thank you for your reply, but I am specifically asking about the Exchange activities that have Office365 parameteres/properties. The Uipath documentation does not have much info on what exactly this does.

I’m specifically looking for more in-depth info or examples on using Exchange while using the Office365 properties seen in this screenshot:


had you already looked on the provided link related to setup? When reading in and following further resources you will e.g. find also:

Yes, I know the setup required… but I’m specifically talking about the UiPath Exchange activities, which seem to support Office 365 as well(?) since it accepts Office 365 properties in the “Office 365” category".

I cannot find any examples of people using these 365 properties in the Exchange activties and UiPath only provides 1 sentence of vague explanation per property.

I’m explicitly trying to avoid using the Office 365 scope as it seems to just be web Outlook, when I’d rather just connect directly to the mail server.

Did you ever get anywhere on this? We are about to try to move to this kind of model for collecting emails in our automations, and using Outlook as a client is just so unreliable these days so I want to use the Get Exchange Mail Messages activity.

@loginerror Is there someone at UiPath that can provide us with some useful info on how to connect to a cloud Exchange 365 server to get emails with this activity?

In case you still looking for answer or anyone else need it:

next you use all Mail.Activities like always, just create a scope, provide ‘out_exchangeConnection’ as ExistinConnection and put activity eg. Get Exchange Mail Messages in it

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Thank you. Can you should us what the values in s_appId and s_tenant look like?

this is something like abf988bf-86f1-41af-91ab-2d7cd011db46. for both.

Instruction how to configure it is here:

on example above " Username and Password" method is used.