Excessive Delay clicking in IE - Advanced Assignment 2

I am trying to complete Assignment 2 on the Advanced training and experiencing some very strange delay behaviour in IE.

I can load the Monthly Report Download page and select the correct year and month without any issues. If January doesn’t have a report, I can handle the popup box and select February without any problems or delays.

However, as soon as I download a file (i.e. February had a file) the Click event to change to the next month (March) takes more than 1.5 minutes to execute, although it is successful once after that amount of time. There is another 1.5 minutes to click on the “Download Report” button too.

I have narrowed it down to the click events (i.e. this is not caused by reading the CSV and merging datatables). Timestamps from the events below:

First / Pass (Selecting January):
Clicking Dropdown: Start: 15:00:16 End: 15:00:17
Clicking Button: Start: 15:00:17 End: 15:00:17

Third Pass (Selecting March):
Clicking Dropdown: Start: 15:00:26 End: 15:01:57
Clicking Button: Start: 15:01:57 End: 15:03:28

For completeness, selectors from the log event:

<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl aaname='March' parentid='searchForm' tag='SPAN' />

<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl id='buttonDownload' tag='BUTTON' />

Has anyone else experienced this before, or know what could be causing it?


Change WaitForReady property from “Interactive” to “None” for those activities and then try.

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That worked, thanks.

Strange that the issue wasn’t apparent when testing the code as I built (individual file), but was when I ran as part of the REFramework…

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