"Exceptionless.Models.GenericArguments" cannot be converted to "String"

Unable to resolve error message:
Value of type “Exceptionless.Models.GenericArguments” cannot be converted to “String”.

All my tablke variable types are genericarguments. I don’t know where the “string” is coming from.

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Try initializing the variable “Exceptionless.Models.GenericArguments” and then use the variable as u desire. I tried converting “Exceptionless.Models.GenericArguments” into string i works fine

Sorry, I am new to programming and Uipath.
How do I initially “initialize” variable?

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  • Create a variable in variables panel and in variable type browse for the variable type that u need and select.

  • For variable types like string, int, generic, Boolean there is no need to initialize but for collection types like list, arrays and other type like the one u r using “Exceptionless.Models.GenericArguments” need to be initialized to allocate memory .

  • To initialize a variable in uipath u need to do like this


As u can see i has allocated memory by creating a new instance of the variable in the default value text box in variables panel