Exception when an activity is not performed


I need the bot to throw an exception if it has not clicked/TypeInto on any element in a webpage. Instead it continues to perform subsequent activities(despite previous activity was not completed) and gives a “Success Transaction” popup.

for eg:

  1. Open browser
  2. Click(should be performed - But i have deliberately commented the click activity)
  3. Invoke Workflow file
  4. Click button(in new page)

To put it simply, i need to extract an exception if the click activity is not performed before calling a new workflow file. How to achieve that. Suggestions would be appreciated. TIA…

You can use Element exist before you perform Click or Type into. Ensure to give Continue on error as false.


Thanks Vivek… I’ve used continue on error- False. In such case what should be the expected output ? Should it throw an exception?

If you give Continue on Error as true, It will skip the exceptions. If false, it will throw exception.