Exception thrown when i try to configure connection with MS Access

I tried to configure a connection with MS Access with OLE Db provider but it thrown an exception when i clicked “Test Connection”. The exception: “The type initializer for ‘System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection’ threw an exception”.
I simply selected the db file, selected the
data source “Microsoft Access Database File”, the provider “.NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB” and choose the file. But when I click “Test connection” I get this error.
I have a Windows 11 pc and UiPath Studio 2023.4.0.
Has anyone ever had this problem?


Try including Namespace System.Data.OleDb in Imports

Hope this may help you


Thanks for your reply.
I did but it doesn’t work.

It’s the first time i try to configure connection with msAcces Db… i dont know if I have to do anything else

Hello @a.amato , Welcome to UiPath Community.
Check to verify the OleDbConnection registered in your local machine.