Exception Reporting in Excel

I want to prepare a exception report for all the transactions in one job run. I am using RE Framework Design for processing data.
What I want to know is what is an optimal way to prepare an exception report? I don’t want to go to look at the queues and export everything. I just want an exception report in excel to be saved after every run.
Any insights would be great!

Hello @Sunny_Jha,

You could create an excel file at the beggining that contains info about the report.

For each transaction, after perform it, use a try catch in Process Transaction status, and in Finally use a set status and report. And put the info in the excel file.

Hi @Sunny_Jha ,

You could use the TransactionData variable as a container for the Status Report.

Add an If Condition for when the Transaction Number = 1, and nest a sequence which will initialize and create the headers for the report from the transaction keys itself.

Assign →

TransactionData = New System.Data.DataTable()

For Each → Key in TransactionItem

in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent.Keys.Concat(Additional Headers for status)


This sequence can be in the Try of the Process Transaction.

Now for setting the status, place the Add DataRow in the Finally Block of the Process Transaction.
Add DataColumns

in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent.Values.Concat(Additional Headers for status)



And that is a high-level approach to creating a status report.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Thanks for suggesting this approach!

Thanks! This is quite achievable and simplistic approach. Gets the job done!

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