Exception: Orchestrator Installation || IIS Settings Page

On “Orchestrator IIS Settings” page of installation, we are getting few alerts messages related to SSL Certificates.

The error message is as below:

“The website host does not match any of the subject alternative names or the subject of the SSL certificate”

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)


If you’re on enterprise license please contact Contact Technical Support


Hi @THIRU_NANI, Have already raised an technical ticket with Uipath team. Waiting for the reply from them as well.

Any suggestion? We are stuck with the SSL certificate issue!


Please verify the Certificate on the server where it is being installed.
Navigate to IIS → Server Certificate → Select The Certificate Details (Issuer Name)
Copy the name and provide during Installation.

Check for the subject value in DETAILS tab

Cheers @arup.b.dutta

Hi @arup.b.dutta,

Orchestrator website name is by default the FQDN of the server where you are trying to install it. If it’s a custom name you are trying to put then make sure the name resolves to the server IP address. It should have a DNS record. Then you will need a certificate with this custom name as SAN or a wildcard certificate which can validate both.

The error says the website name “STUPO001.gsp.accenture.com” does not match with any of the SAN or subject of the SSL you have. Your CN and Host name is not matching and SAN is also not there. Are you using custom Host Name?

Hi @arup.b.dutta

As per my opinion, if your SSL certificate has wildcard , eg: *.abc.com you can mention,
{anytexthere}.abc.com. ie., Host name can be uipathdev.abc.com or orchestrator.abc.com etc…

As per screenshot, I don’t think your certificate has wild card, so I believe host name should be same as SSL certificate subject. By default host name would be same as your server name. We will have to modify as per SSL subject.


@JithinKP I am using the server name (computer name) as host name. Let me know if it needs to be something else! As per the document it is said to use the server name as host name.

@User12 my SSL certificate has “-” special character in it. So as per your suggestion host name should be the SSL certificate subject name!! Is it?

Host name = SSL certificate Subject name ??

If so, I will give it a try and let u know if that will work or not!!!

Sure. Shared thoughts based on my experience on orchestrator installation.