Exception Handling with TRY-CATCH - Learn Once And Never Forget Again!

UiPath Studio has an excellent approach to Exception Handling which uses the Try Catch Activity which is provided by default in Studio.
However, many beginner developers find it too overwhelming to use it in their programs.

Implementing Exception Handling in UiPath Studio is easier than it seems. All you REALLY need to understand is how your program will behave in case there is an exception.
I believe I have a way to make it really easy to understand the TRY-CATCH block and the concept of Exception Handling.

What does exception handling have to do with a baseball glove?? :thinking::thinking:

Share your thoughts here or comment on the video. What UiPath concept do you find difficult to understand? Maybe we can make it easier together! :slight_smile:

Happy Automation!

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Thanks for sharing.

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