Exception Handling in UiPath

Hi Team,

What is the best way for exception handling in UiPath,

Presently working on Ctrix Environment,while running an automation my aim is to open a tab and enter the value, there chances that the values are not typed, even though the system would accept the enter and next the step will continued but the expected values will not be fetched, and an exception is given out.

My aim is to check the value in the specified field(for checking I am using Google OCR) and if the data exist the process should continue or other the previous step of opening the tab should be done again and the process must be continued.

Tried with Retry Scope: The condition is not accepting any decision making condition, it is accepting only Image exist and element exist as it is citrix environment the Image and element exist are not giving stable results.

Tried with Try Catch: I am able to catch the exception but not able to rerun the required step again, as if an exception is occurred the process is going out of the scope.

If there is any other way for handling the exception please suggest me.

Any suggestion will be helpful and Thanks in Advance.

“but not able to rerun the required step again” - can I know why?
In the catch block you can re-create the steps for typing.

Hi @KarthikByggari,

We are working on UiPath Coreframework,lets say that I am working on Process Data, inside the process data the ProcessData.xaml is called in a try catch block, my Logic lies inside the ProcessData.xaml, if the exception is caught inside the ProcessData the exception is automatically bubbled upwards to the ProcessData block in the core frameowrk, in that situation how can i rerun my process to continues the rest of the process.

Have you worked with Robotics Enterprise Framework?
As explained in the framework, we can retry the transaction (or work item) in the ProcessData if the re-try mechanism is enabled.

Did you tried this way?

Karthik Byggari