Exception handling best way for activity

Best way to handle exception handling if activity failed ? How to do error handling for activity effectively ?

Hello @Swapnil_Meshram,

That completely depends on what you’re aiming to do!
The mandatory thing would be to put the erroneous activity in a try activity and in the corresponding catch activity perform some task, like simply log a message that says that your activity failed!
If you want to decide to take various actions whether an error occured of not, you could use a flag variable that sets to false in the ‘try’ and sets to true in the ‘catch’ .
Then after the try-catch activity, use an if activity or a flow decision to decide what actions to take,

You can also try the action repeatedly until the error stops occuring.

To understand better, refer to this link :slight_smile:


Hi @Swapnil_Meshram,

Please take a look and can get an idea …