Exception for getting multiple matches found using get attribute activity

Hey guys, I am relatively new to UiPath and is currently working on a scenario where I loop in through company websites to scrape the linkedin urls if present but for some cases I am getting an error saying that “Get Attribute: Multiple similar matches found”. Can anyone help me with which is the right exception that I need to specify in the exception part in the try catch activity.

system exception caters all type of exception but special exception type is not defined for this type

Hello @Sedharth

How you are extracting?? Are you using table extraction?? If not please use that feature to extract the urls from all the pages.


Thanks @raja.arslankhan @Rahul_Unnikrishnan for the reply, so I am working on a small project where I loop through a list of company url in an excel and try to fetch the linkedin urls from each company websites if its there in the website. Is there a way I can do this. That’s the reason I didn’t go for table extraction activity.

@Sedharth ok,
So here is two ways
Firts one, mark continue on error property action of activity. in case of any type of error it will ignore and goes for next iteration.

Second one, put that activity whichi is giving error in Try block and in cach block select systems exception, after selecting exception you can use log msg against company or you can save that exception against company.

Is there a option to search with the company name and then to fetch the url??

Thanks everyone it works perfectly now😀, I will share the file over here if anyone is interested and please let me know if I can make any changes or modification.

@Sedharth please mark solution as well if you got any help from here. Its will be helpful for others

@Sedharth yeah you can share file as well. But mark solution