Exception follows transactions

I have a situation where I might have a transaction cause an error (can’t find an element, timeout, etc). I have decision paths that say if successful, go here, else go here. The problem is when I have an error it gets handled then goes to the next transaction but at the end of that transaction it fails due to the previous error, even though everything was successful. All transactions after that error fail for the same reason. It won’t let me use an assign to set the exception to nothing so how do I get around this?

You can set ContinueOnError property as True, which is available on most of the activities interacting with elements. This ensures that the activity doesn’t throw any exception if anything goes wrong.

(OR) You can also have a Try Catch activity surrounding that specific activity / set of activities where you are expecting any exceptions. Leave the catch block empty. Your exception is caught and voided.


Hope this helps

I put in assigns in the SetTransactionStatus that set BusinessException = Nothing and SystemError = Nothing and that solved the problem.

This might not report any exception with any of your workflows to your transactions!!