Exception/error handling based on a CV Element exists activity

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I am developing an enrolment piece that creates accounts for customers in a portal we use.
I am trying to handle an error the portal gives me when a customer of that name already exists.

My solution is currently to use a CV Scope - CV Element Exists to look for the Popup that appears if the customer exists.

The CV Element Exists changes a variable “DuplicateCustomer” to “True”

I then have an IF activity with condition set to " IF DuplicateCustomer=True then assign a"2" to the end of the customers name and continue enrolling them.

The issue i have is the timeout. The process will continue looking for the popup for far too long, rendering the process impractical as it is for bulk enrolment.

I have tried opening the “Target” section of the properties tab and setting the timeout to “1000” milliseconds. however this produces no result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please try @troystlaurent

You can change this value


None - does not wait for the target to be ready
Interactive - waits until only a part of the app is loaded
Complete - waits for the entire app to be loaded.

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This worked thank you!

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yey great :smiley:

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