Except using version control systems,how can we manage our projects when we are working as a team

How to manage projects except using github or other repositories?

Hey @ydash999

Sorry, I don’t see a way though :-!


can we use a share folder where we will assign roles to developers to access it in orchestrator for that purpose?

Hello @ydash999

What do you.mean by manage project here?? Multiple developers woring on the sameprojwct at the same timeand you need to do the version control???

If yes as per my understanding there are no other ways without using version controllers.

If no version controling is required, maybe connecting via share folder may help.But i havent teied yet, its just a wild guess

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yeah bro.multiple developers working on a project with different modules assigned

@ydash999 You can refer the below doc which may help you. It would be better to keep a backup to someother folder also for a safety. In case if the file corrupted or someone delete by mistake that will help.

thankss bro

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