ExcelReadRange Activity, custom range

Hello folks,

My aim is to read the cells from the Excel spreadsheet, range A3:G and all way down. When entering this range into the activity, I get an error Could not read range A3:G

How can I go over it?

Hi @dbukk,
Please specify the cell number in the read range like A3:G3

Thanks, but selecting A3:G3 returns only the third row. I need all rows beginning from the third and down.

Hi @dbukk

First read whole sheet, store it into datatable var and gert row count, then
To select all rows use “A3:G”+YourDataTable.RowCount.ToString

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Hi @dbukk

Are there some more columns after G, which you don’t wanna read?

If that is the case,
please do the following,
read the whole range starting from A3. Store it in a DataTable variable,
retrieve the count of rows from here using ReadRowCount = datatablename.rowCount

Then again use a read range activity: pass “A3:G”+ReadRowCount.toString.

Happy Automation!


Thanks @Tushar1 & @adiijaiin

That’s what I’ve impelemented. It works now.

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