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Hi guys,

i’ve a problem with use a excell functions. I’m searching to make a"query" in the file to take a customers’ emails of the column “email”. Next i’ve to need to take this item and then write it in a new file as a new column.

I’m trying to do it using the actvities “Read Row” into the “For each” to read the elements of the first row, the columns’ names. Scrolling it i would search the column “email” and then using “Read Column” to get te customers’ emails. But this don’t run.

would you help me pleace?

Hi @lucio_fortunato

Based on my understanding, You want to read a excel and the data of the column Email and get it inserted to another excel sheet as a new column.

I have created a sample solution for you… It reads a column from a specific excel file and writes row by row in another excel.

ReadColumnData.xaml (8.4 KB)

Let know if this works for you…

Thanks you Fernando.
Your file go. I’ve an other question for you. To read the element of single column using only the column’s header, don’t using the cell’name with the excell’s actvities is possible? Or i should use the DataTable?



For the requirement that you are asking now, you have to do with datatable and if you don’t give the cell name, it is not possible for bot to understand which column to read.

Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

HI @lucio_fortunato

For this requirement, you need to use the datatable. However, when dealing with read column, read cell or any excel related activities, you have to specify the excel range in the format that Excel has. So basically, you need to give the excel column (A, B, C and so on) along with the row number.

But, once you get the excel data onto a datatable variable in UiPath, then you can use the column names you had in your excel to work with the data using data table functions. So for example, once you get the data to a datatable, let’s say you want to loop through the data table to get a value under the column “email”:
Then you can use
row("Email").ToString to get the value of the currently looping row of the Email column

Hope this gives you the idea?

Also, if this solves the problem, please mark the appropriate answer as the solution so it could help others as well :slight_smile:

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