ExcelFile Inaccessible error!!

Nice to meet you.
Let me ask you about what happened in the scenario currently under development under the Studio 2021.4.4 Community License.

Paste the CSV contents into Excel, update the pivot table with a separate sheet,
I am creating a scenario that repeats copying the contents and pasting it in another Excel.

I’ve been developing it for about a month and haven’t had any problems.
I started getting errors from yesterday.
The timing of the error seems to be different.
(Image below * Gray line is the full path of the file)

All Excel is enclosed in TryCatch and Exception is set, but
It doesn’t get caught there, and even if this error occurs, it ends normally until the end.
The results also look the same.

I tried to make Excel invisible and put a waiting time in between, but it didn’t work.
All activities are in Excel Application Scope and are for Excel.

The only thing I did yesterday was deleting the json file and recreating it.
I wonder if this didn’t work …