I am working in one uiPath Project in which i am extracting data from excel sheet but in some cases excel sheet not contains any data in that case i want to print None for that particular date,so how can i achieve this please help?

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Store excel file in datatable and use the code whether excel file is empty or not

Datatable variable.rows.count
If it is equal to zero , no data in Excel sheet

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Read excel sheet using excel application scope activity
ExcelData is a variable with DataTable Variable type
Use assign activity and create an integer variable to count all the data of excel sheet -->
Data =ExcelData.Rows.count
Then use if condition like this --> Data<0
If condition satisfy then no the sheet is empty
If not that means sheet has some data

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yes thank you for ur help but if the sheet contains no data i want to print None message in a email body for a particular date.

Data<0 , it implies that sheet is empty

Then in the then section , put a mail message activitiy, with body as “None”

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