Ui AcademyのLevel1 Foundation トレーニング内のレッスン2「変数とデータ型の詳細」のところの、「日付および時刻変数」のDateTime変数の使用例にそってシーケンスを作成していますが、この中の「Excelアプリケーションスコープ」に関して、Excelの対応バージョンはいくつ以上となっていますでしょうか?

have you installed excel in your machine?
if yes what is the file extension?
if you use .xlsx extension file in excel 2003 you have to install a compatibility tool
try following this link https://itstillworks.com/open-xlsx-excel-2003-7332787.html
or else you have to go for the .xls file extension

Yes, I have installed excel in my machine and the file extension is “xls”.
The example that I tried doing seems to need an excel file beforehand.
I will check again and after that, I will report back.
Thank you,

I made an excel file before UiPath sequence execution, but that doesn’t make any difference. The same error happened again.
Is the path where “EXCEL.exe” installed related to the problem ?