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hi all,
i want to make two separate column in a new sheet but with header date format(dd/mm/yy) and suspance account. I am unable to make a dynamic date column as i extraxted data from original sheet which comes under suspense account but unable to write date format. Kindly help

Hy @akritiverma316,

Could you please share your project file so I can take a look?

Working with dates can be a bit tricky because of formating.


Hy @akritiverma316,

Just one question, the Date you want to use is always today?

I will do a sample for you

no date will be dynamic


I understood that you want the date to by dynamic, what I want to know is that you want to use the “Today()” formula for the date? Where does the date supossed to came from?

yes that

Hy @akritiverma316

Please have a look at my workflow.

Please let me know if it is clear to you, if you have any question please let me know

hi it is not showing time and i have to write only suspense account in other sheet with date format rest have to ignore

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