Excel Write Range Problem

In my automation i was doing for each email loop and using add data row to add some email body information in to Datatable. Using Append range after add data row and clearing datatable.

After last record processed when i do write range it is missing the first row information. Any leads helps?

Ex: After write range it should have 7 records as per my logic. But it showing only 6 records 1 record information is missing

Hello @Chaitan - Before excel scope can you print the data table and check how many actual rows of data it has

If i do it will be 0 because i was using clear data table everytime after appending

@Chaitan Okay. Since you are saying first row of data was missing can you please check is the first row data is loading into data table or no. You can do this by printing the data table before append range

It’s loading.