Excel : Write Range: Converting a number to another format

Iam using Excel Application scope to write the value “201810009198” to a cell.
Bu the value written to excel is “2.0181E+11”

But when we click on that particular cell, the value can be seen as “201810009198”.

Can someone help me to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance
Maria Josephina

Hi @maria.josephina
well the representation that you have in the excel is due to how excel tend to show big numbers by default.
To have the normal representation try and

  • right click on the excel column (or cell)

  • Choose format cells

  • under Number choose the category Number

if you want an integer representation you can press down the Decimal places to 0 and click ok

hope it helps solve the problem


Thankyou for the information.
But It will write the correct value “201810009198” when we are using Write Range activity of workbook.

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