Excel: Write Formula to Table Column

The For Each Row approach to filling values into columns can take a very long time for large tables. An activity that wrote formulas to every data row in a table column would be much, much faster.

Hi Jack,

Take a look at the StudioX Business Fill Range and Auto Fill activities as I suspect they will give you what you want.

I see this is tagged Studiox, but in case you are in Studio, see the instructions here for how to access them in Studio UiPath Community 2021.4 Stable Release

Thanks for the response, Andrew. I don’t see the ability to identify the source location by Column Header name. I think that using header names instead of Column ID (ex. A,E,AA) is a more robust reference method since reports can change. Is that possible?

Hi Jack,

You are correct, at this time time you can’t refer directly to the column header for either of these. There is a workaround using “Fill Range” however:

  • In Excel, create a named range that refers to the column
  • Use the “Custom input” to refer to the named range (it won’t show under the + menu)

Thanks for raising this as an area for future improvement.