Excel Workbook - data not updating

Hello, i am looking for a solution with Excel workbook. I am reading the data from the web and saving in excel using Data Scraping. but, when i am reading from same web, the excel sheet is not getting updated. still displaying the same old data.
How to resolve this.


Use Clear data table activity after excel activity

Hi, tried with Clear data table, but no success. data is not getting updated. is there any other way to work?

Do you mind attaching workflow?

Hi, i cannot, the project is internal to the organization. though the solution is not accurate, at present i am deleting the workbook and creating a new again when running.
More over what i observed is when trying to copy the data using Data Scraping, when trying to add the next page arrow button, it is not working. is there any other way to work on it.

working on IE?

Yes, working on IE

Yes, working on IE, i have recorded the sequences in IE, is it possible to execute those in Chrome by changing Chrome as default browser, I have tried, but no success in this matter. Any suggestions?

Unfortunatly nope . Changing browser type doesn’t work fully as chrome takes browser selector attribute as chrome where as IE doesn’t .
(Apart from that most of selector fields are different in both the browser)
It’s recommended to use IE for Uipath .
Need more improvement for chrome and Firefox .