Excel with IBM doesn't work

Hi everyone!

So, I’m trying to open a excel with Uipath. I use Excel Application Scope, and indeed the excel opens, however it should open with a window to introduce the username and password to activate the excel connections. Because this window isn’t showing up, I cannot extract the information that I need (I need this excel to be dynamic because I will need different informations).

This is what is supposed to appear:

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Is this macro activated? do you have it enables in excel scope? If it never works, then consider not using excel scope, but using Start Process like this:

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It worked!

Thank you!! :smiley: :smiley:


Sorry, but now I have another doubt…

So I want to save the table in a uipath dt, but I don’t know how because I cannot use excel scope application neither read range. Do you have any ideas how to proceed?

if you connect to ibm and it brings the data, cant you save it and then close and use the read range to bring the data in uipath?

No, because when I close it and open it again to use read range, it doesn’t ask me the login credentials… So the table appears empty. I am able to see the info after I put credentials

I think I will copy the data to a workbook that doesn’t have any connections and start from there. Thank you for your help.

One last question: to close the process, should I use kill process? How should I use it?

if you want, you could that using uipath as well… you can do a Control+Shift+End inside your table of data and a Control+C to put all in the Clipboard to then Control+V in the new one… You could close excel, the normal way, clicking the X…

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